2. Additional consultations

To ensure you are fully prepared for the upcoming surgery, after your consultation with the attending surgeon you and your family will meet with the treatment team for additional consultations.

Nurse practitioner

You will meet with the nurse practitioner for a consultation to explain the procedures surrounding the hospitalisation and any potential changes in your day to day habits. It is important to us that you ask questions and take the opportunity to discuss your worries. This is because the diagnosis of a pancreatic disease and its potential effects raise many questions and uncertainties for the persons concerned and their families.

During your entire hospital stay, a nurse practitioner with specialised knowledge and expertise will look after you. They will work closely with the surgeon and communicate with all of the services involved (general internal medicine, nurses, nutritionists, etc.) on a daily basis to ensure you receive the most comprehensive treatment possible.

Nutritional advice

Afterwards, you will meet with our nutritionist, who will take time during this initial consultation to explain any dietary changes that may be associated with this pancreatic surgery. You will also receive some initial dietary recommendations for your hospital stay as well as following your operation in the longterm.