6. Discharge

During your inpatient stay, we will talk with you to discuss whether you can return home immediately or about possibly organising a recuperation or rehabilitation stay. Our social services department will be involved in this if necessary.

Nursing care / nurse practitioner

Once your body has regained its normal function with respect to eating and digestion and your pain has been adequately treated with the pain pills, the treatment team will make arrangements for you to be discharged from hospital or transferred to a rehabilitation facility.

You and/or an accompanying person/ home caregiver will receive instructions on taking the pain medications and, if necessary, performing injections necessary for preventing thrombosis or for regulating blood sugar. You will also receive instructions on how to dress the surgical wound.

You will receive a medication card (list of medications) with a schedule for taking your specific medications along with plenty of other materials you will need until your next follow-up appointment.

The discharge consultation will take place with the attending nurse or other nursing staff. The questionnaire found in the patient brochure provides a guide for any questions you may have. If you do not have the brochure with you, feel free to ask the responsible nurse.