7. What's the next step?

There are various matters that must also be attended to after you have been discharged. We will be happy to provide you with an overview and are here to help should you have any questions or be unclear about anything.

It is important that you contact us if you notice any of the symptoms described. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about anything else either.

  • ever above 38 degrees and/or chills
  • Repeated vomiting
  • Pain gets worse
  • Reddened or exuding wounds

Swiss Pancreas Center
T +41 31 335 39 39

Physical activity

During the first few weeks after surgery, you will continue to feel fatigued. You should still try to remain active and take short walks. Sports and physical exertion should be kept below your pain threshold. You can also meet with a physiotherapist for support.


You will probably need to continue taking painkillers after your hospital stay and will receive the necessary medications for this. You are free to reduce your intake of pain medications or take them only when needed.

Wound care

Your surgery wound will either be closed with dissolving sutures or staples. The staples will be removed 14 days after the surgery while you are still in hospital or by your family doctor after you have been discharged. You are free to shower as usual. Do not take baths any sooner than 14 days later. The surgical wound does not usually need to be covered.

Nurse practitioner

Around a week after you have returned home, your treatment specialist will call you on the phone. They will ask you about your general state of being, pain situation, wound healing and diet. You can take this opportunity to ask any questions you have.

Nutritional advice

For several weeks after the surgery you will probably not be able to eat and digest foods as usual. Try to eat several smaller portions spread out throughout the day.

Our nutritionist will be happy to answer any questions. If needed, we offer personalised outpatient care. With a doctor’s referral, basic insurance will cover up to six outpatient visits with the nutritionist.

Appointments can be made by phone, from Monday to Friday (preferably between 1.00 pm and 4.30 pm).